November 14, 2012

Kidman Family 2012

I grew up with these two, and now our children are growing up together. Each of their kids are the same age as mine, but of the opposite sex! Such a great family!

This is Mr. Krew, almost 2!

He knew how to work the camera!

Krew must have learned from his older sister, Austyn. She is such a doll and has the cutest personality, as you can tell from her pictures!

She wanted to sit in the tree for her pics!

She will break some hearts, lets hope its not Boen's (my 4yr old).

Candace and Erik are such great parents, they really let their kids have their own personalities!

And this is Gracie! She is such a smart little gal and has such a great mind!

And pretty to boot!

Seriously, can you believe she is only 6?

It was such a beautiful day at 70degrees, and can you believe the next day it snowed 10in?

These three are such good sports!

Handsome boys!

Love you guys!

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