April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Special All Week!

What does a Mother, Grandmother,
Great-Grandmother, Aunt, etc.
want more than anything for Mother's Day?
A picture of your child(ren) or family!
So, I have decided to run a Mother's Day Special all week!
As most of you know my rates have gone up,
but just for this week if you book a 1/2hr Mother's Day Special it will cost you $40.
And added to that you will receive a disk with 25 edits.
Sign up quickly to get your disk back by Sunday the 9th (Mother's Day 2010).
If you'd like to purchase a gift card for a mother instead,
please send me an email (amycallphotography@yahoo.com)
and you can get this same special ($40per 1/2hr).
Tell your Husbands and Dads!

April 28, 2010

Great site for printing!

I love this site!
Check it out if you need a place to
print your pictures large scale.
It's called I Print Canvas.

Enjoy! xoxo Amy

April 27, 2010

Special Shoot

This shoot was special for a few different reasons.
#1 this family has an Angel Baby, Sharyn.
She has returned to our Father in Heaven.
You can see her in the picture frame above.
What a beauty.

#2 They wanted to get there family pictures in front of the Ogden Temple before it is refurbished.
I thought that was such a wonderful idea.
It was so neat to be there and capture such a beautiful place.
And such a beautiful family.

#3 The boys!
I have a tender spot in my heart for boys!

#4 The girls.
I would like a girl one day.
A beauty like that little one that will grow up to be as lovely as her sister.

#5 Great colors!

#6 I get a few tears when I look at this shot.
I wanted to make them look almost angel like in there white,
which is why I softened the white.
They really do all look like Angels next to their Angel Baby!

Baby Love (Zeke)

I had to post a couple of my favs!
Don't you want to just snuggle up to him?
My friend made this darling knit stuff you can check her out HERE!

More to come!

April 26, 2010

Eure Family Photos

This picture reminded me of Abby Road (Beatles) kinda???

This was such a fun photo shoot today.
I love the candid shots the best and boy did we get a lot of those.
This little guy had a different idea then we did about getting his pictures taken.
Isn't he a cutie???

April 25, 2010

April 20, 2010

Chloe's Senior Pictures!

Seriously, can you get an more beautiful?
What fun, it was to do this shoot today with Chloe!
She is so photogenic, I couldn't decide which pictures to share on here,
and which pictures to put on her disc!

April 19, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

Last year I had the opportunity of taking
the Ogden High SBO's pictures.
These are a couple of my favorites!
SBO Jeff! AKA my little brother, or should I say younger brother!
He is a big old goof ball!

April 17, 2010

Rain Check!

Meet Stetson and Austin

What a fun morning!
I got the chance to take the pictures of these two little cuties!
I headed up to the valley to an old see an old friend
and take pictures of her little kiddos!
Although Sassy, we had fun and got some great shots!