October 12, 2012

Oberg Family/Highlands Ranch, CO 2012

Sammy you are so beautiful! And that Elsie looks exactly like you baby pics! Lucky her!

First family pictures in their new hometown of Highlands Ranch, CO

Daddy call her his sweet spikes, cause her hair is awesome and spikes up all over the place!

 Violet wouldn't hold still for a second! She wanted to collect rocks! Isn't she the cutest! Always collecting rocks everywhere she goes!

Elsie was perfect! Didn't make a peep!

 Presh baby blues!

Violet showing off her rocks to Elsie!

 such a beauty

Had to get a picture of her collection!

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  1. amy! thank you so much again, i love them you did such a good job! we actually had a few that worked! I was worried with violet and her rock collecting. thanks so much it was fun even though it was crappy timing!