September 10, 2012

Natter Family

These girls, were cracking me up, little Hams!

My sweet friend/longest friend Amy "Gaga" and her darling family! We have the same name, have brother's with the same name, second oldest in our family, we each have two boys, then a girl and all the same age! Crazy, how much we have in common! Love you Aims! Amy C-stick-in! Wish you lived closer!

Her cute Beckham, he is my Boen's age and they are seriously the same child! I love him and his wild side!

Sweet sweet Chloe! She is such a doll! I know if they lived closer she and Paisli (my daughter) would be besties!

Mr. Carson! He is such a smart and handsome boy, so much like my Bingham!

These girls were so fun to photo! They just giggled and wanted more and more pics!

I couldn't resist posting a few more of Chlo! She was a riot!

Such a beauty!

And the entire Natter Family!

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