November 8, 2010

Speechly Family Pics

My cute family, we are taking some more this week,
but for now this is the best we could get with my naughtys!

My sister Sammy and her darling family!

Sammy and Violet

Dad and Mom
Papa and Grammy

All of the Speechly clan minus my only brother Jeff,
 who is serving a mission in Ghana Africa!

Grammy and Papa with all of the grandkids,
minus my nephew Harrison who was still born, and my baby in my belly!

My sister April and her darling family.

All of the boys minus Jeff

The girls even the one in my belly!

Ruby Noelle

Finn and April

Griffen Lane

Violet Liberty- standing at 4months,
well she has been standing really since she was a few weeks old!

Boen Brent my baby boy!

April and Ruby

Finn and Hudson

Hudson Trent and Finn

My Bingham Brody!


  1. oh my gosh!!!! AMY they turned out so amazing! I love them thank you so so so much, they are so perfect!

  2. Amy I am totally blown away by these! I was totally loving every picture...I just love your family! I really love the location...wish we could do that...but it will probably be snowing by the time we all get home. Love you

  3. Amy - they are just perfect pictures ! Such talent - course it certainly helps when you are so GORGEOUS ! Just made me smile ! each one :)

  4. I LOVE these! What a great location too- all the women in your family are GORGEOUS. I wish I looked that great preggo :)