November 28, 2010

Miss Heather Halverson

This is Heather, she will be graduating from OHS this year!
I was supposed to do her Senior pics on saturday, but the night before went into preterm labor.
Needless to say I had to cancel, but just as I did, my darling hubby stepped up for the task!
I think he did so well, I had to show a lot of his work.
So, Model: Heather Halverson
Photographer: Brody Call
Editor: Amy Call (me)
If you are interested in still scheduling before the Holidays,
Brody will be taking the photos and I will be editing,
so that our baby girl can make it much closer to her due date!


  1. Great job Brods! I think you have some natural artistic talent (hum, wonder where you get it!?!).
    Love the Halverson family too!

  2. He did such a good job! way to go brod! SO good, she looks beautiful