August 4, 2010

Elder Ethan Annis

This is Elder Ethan Annis
He'll be serving in the Dominican Republic for two years
for the LDS church.
To find out more about the LDS church
and our Missionaries go HERE!

This is what he'll be eating for two years!

I think Missionaries really do have Super Powers,
to be able to leave everything behind as a 19yr old and serve the Lord,
sometimes in the US and sometimes in 3rd world countries!

I thought he should practice a few times!

His shoes won't look like this for long!

His tools!
The Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible!
Good luck Elder Annis you are in our prayers!!!


  1. Amy those are awesome, made me cry. I love Jeff's friends and miss all of them, especially Jeff. Love Ethan I love the shoe and knocking pictures.

  2. Wow! Luke (my hubby) went to the West Mission in the DR, he LOVED it there! Can't wait to get back again!